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Many buyers and sellers are unaware of the actual truth behind short sales. With the help of RE/MAX Metrolina Short Sale Experts, sellers benefit from knowing the facts about short sales and how they can work for you! Most general short sale information is incorrect – we can explain how this works. 

I am already near foreclosure – I don’t qualify for a short sale! This is not true. As long as your foreclosure is at least a few weeks away, our expert agents can help. Of course, if you are this close to foreclosure, every minute matters so you need to contact us right away! If you get started with enough time, 3 out of 4 people will be able to stop a foreclosure, by starting a short sale with RE/MAX Metrolina. 

A short sale will ruin my

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If you choose any typical real estate agent, then a short sale will be a grueling process from start to finish. Fortunately, if you just follow the first tip on this list, and choose RE/MAX Metrolina to manage your short sale, then we’ll take care of absolutely everything else for you. If you choose someone else, then you’re going to need a lot more than this list! But hopefully, this will help provide you with some tips to initiating a successful short sale. 

Hire an Expert Agent

Having a real estate agent who specializes in short sales is invaluable to your process. The best agents do not work alone, they come with a team of experts ready to help you sell your home. Our team specializes in shorts sales in the Carolinas, as well as 35 other

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Getting ready to sell your home can be more than just a business deal. For some homeowners, this is a loss of a family heirloom, a leaving behind of memories, and a daunting deadline to get things done. Here are some ways to easily upgrade your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.


In general, this means clean up, but you also should do more than a spring cleaning’s worth of removal. Get rid of old items that both you and the new owner have no need for. Remove clutter from every single room. This will make your home appear larger, and will allow potential buyers the room to imagine their own things inside.


We all realize that homes are keepers of many secrets and memories. Leaving a home can sometimes feel like a

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Foreclosure can be a terrifying catastrophe for homeowners who fall behind on mortgage payments, due to life events or unforeseen circumstances. For some, a short sale can be a significant saving grace for this unfortunate situation. Though it is not for everyone, a short sale is often the best long term choice that a homeowner can make, because it can be a way to avoid foreclosure and take back control of your finances.

In a short sale transaction, the bank allows the delinquent homeowner, you, to sell your home for less than what is still owed on the loan. To get started, you need to find a short sale agent who will put your home on the market, usually at a price lower than the amount you actually owe. Choosing the right agent is the most important

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After 6 months of planning and development (just on our end) we're happy to say that our new real estate website is finally live! We had a small ceremony yesterday for the old short sale site and said hello to the new, luxury short sale site that more closely focuses on where our business has gone in the last few years. The going away party for the old site was, well, pretty stupid but that real estate web site was one of the first we ever built from the ground up and there was a time that it was probably the best real estate site in Charlotte. Not any longer... it had been left in the dust, actually. So, we went out and upgraded! Hopefully, everyone will love the new - I know that everyone here, does!

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